Both firefighters and police officers in Fairfax Co., Va., were shocked earlier this week when a Facebook post surfaced calling for police to be put in body bags. Remarkably, that post was written by a Fairfax Co. firefighter, Khalil Abdul-Rasheed.

“We have to start putting them in body bags … stop filming and rally to your fellow citizen. Pull the cops off, lay on the individual, form a circle or throw punches,” Abdul-Rasheed wrote.

The matter is currently under investigation, and Abdul-Rasheed, according to Fox 5 DC, has been place on paid leave.

Tisha Lewis, a Fox 5 reporter, interviewed one neighbor of Abdul-Rasheed who wished not to be identified.

“He probably shouldn’t urge attacks, but something needs to be done,” said another neighbor who retired from the military.

The neighbor did not want to be identified, but said Abdul-Rasheed was also in the military.

“I thought he’s a good person,” the neighbor told us. “I talk to him. He takes care of his kids and that’s all I know.”

He also had plenty to say about Abdul-Rasheed’s controversial posts.

“They have to be held accountable, and right now, they’re not being held accountable,” said the neighbor.