Our finest negotiators couldn’t quite manage to work the release of four American hostages into the historic Iran nuclear deal, but President Obama will always enjoy the legacy of having traded five high-value Taliban prisoners for alleged deserter Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

What’s Bergdahl been up to lately? Apparently taking a field trip to an illegal pot farm in Northern California.

NBC Bay Area reports:

According to the The Anderson Valley Advertiser, Bergdahl was an “unexpected visitor” in Mendocino County, where he was visiting old friends when the “local dope team arrived on a marijuana raid.”

Bergdahl arrived Friday at the farm, which is located in a remote part of Redwood Valley.

Bergdahl, who is awaiting military court martial, had an Army pass allowing him to be in Mendocino County, the Advertiser reported, adding he was “not connected to the dope grow in any way.”

Just curious …

The Advertiser reported that Bergdahl, who is awaiting court martial, was on an authorized leave to visit friends in Northern California and was to return to his duty station on Wednesday.