As Twitchy reported earlier, patriotic counter-protesters were among the first to arrive at Disarm NYPD’s flag burning event in New York’s Fort Greene Park this evening. Author and Fox News host Todd Starnes was there and didn’t see much of a future for the protest when The Hallowed Sons of New York rolled up on their bikes to observe the proceedings.

A small group equipped with a ridiculous number of videocameras eventually did manage to set fire to both an American flag and a Confederate flag.

Self-described independent photojournalist and anarchist Shay Horse used his photojournalist’s eye to capture the truly unimpressive scope of the event.

We’re honestly not sure if the appropriation of Bernie Sanders’ unofficial #FeelTheBern campaign slogan was unintentional, or intended as an endorsement of the presidential candidate.

Where are the police? Is that what Disarm NYPD would characterize as “community conflict resolution”? Let’s see some more.