Regular readers of Twitchy know John Ekdahl, and they love John Ekdahl. And now the inexplicably vast audience of E! News knows him too, as a mighty social justice warrior who stood up for Caitlyn Jenner against transphobic bully Bob Costas.

In case you hadn’t heard, Bob Costas called into the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday and argued that Caitlyn Jenner should not have been awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at ESPN’s ESPY Awards, calling the move “a crass exploitation play.” Seeking an example of public outrage over Costas’ remarks, E! settled on this tweet by one Mr. John Ekdahl.


Memo to E! News.

Why not? You do essentially speak for Twitter as a whole. Or should.

Time to settle in for a night of these.

John Ekdahl — social justice warrior or disgusting and hateful fascist? Tomorrow night on E! News!