On Monday night, referring to Pamela Geller’s Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Garland, Texas, virtuoso publicity seeker Donald Trump called on fellow publicity seekers to be smart and avoid events that might “provoke attacks and death.” He continued his attack on Geller and his call to “be smart” and surrender freedom of speech in the name of dhimmitude on Inside Edition.

Fortunately, Townhall editor Katie Pavlich was available to call out The Donald on Twitter in spectacular fashion.

Of course, it’s no secret that Trump is perpetually considering a run for president, and sadly, he might fit right in.

Yes, the White House indeed called the shooting an “attempted terrorist attack.”



Reports of officer shot at Pam Geller’s ‘Muhammad Art Contest’ in Garland, Texas; Update: Video and photo added from the scene; Update: Local businesses evacuated; SWAT team evacuating attendees; Update: Cop, two suspects shot; Possible second shooting at Walmart; Update: Report that cop was shot in the leg; Clarification: Injured officer works for the Garland ISD; Update: Bomb squad arrives, Garland ISD officer released from the hospital

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Does the WaPost want Pam Geller to apologize for getting attacked by terrorists? Sure sounds like it…