It’s no surprise that police officers aren’t exactly the guests of honor at today’s “Victory Rally” in front of Baltimore City Hall. Earlier from the stage, Malik Shabazz praised “those kids throwing rocks and bottles” at police and the National Guard as “the greatest youth of our generation.” And this upside-down American flag spray-painted with “FTP” (f**k the police) wasn’t at all out of place at today’s march.

What was out of place was one man who appeared with a stroller and a home-made sign that read “Support the Police.”

Who knows? Maybe he just wanted to get a photo of his child in front of a looted, upside-down ATM spray-painted with “RIP Freddie.”

But today isn’t a protest action; it’s a victory rally, widely described in the media as having the feel of a block party. So bring the kids! Let ’em carry the signs if they can.