Vice President Joe Biden was dispatched to the University of Illinois Thursday to speak to students about the “It’s On Us” campaign, launched by the White House in Sept. 2014 to bring awareness to sexual assault on college campuses.

Appearing along with Biden were “Gossip Girl” actress Jessica Szohr, Rep. Rodney Davis, and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who had a very specific request of the students in the audience.

That led to a shocking claim by Instapundit, aka Glenn Reynolds. Our immediate reaction was to dismiss it as a joke pushing the boundaries of poor taste, but that would be in direct conflict with Madigan’s request, so …

Ace Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely must be available to look into this allegation, no?

We still can’t shake this feeling that perhaps Reynolds is “misremembering” just what happened. Vice President Biden himself, though, would be compelled to thank Reynolds for speaking up.

Speaking of Biden, a small group of students did take seriously allegations (backed up by extensive news footage) that Biden is a serial groper and let the campus know that unwanted touching is not acceptable.

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