As always, rumors are flying about what Apple has coming next, and recent whisperings suggest it’s something big. So we doubt the big secret was a new, expanded collection of emoji set to make its debut in iOS 8.3. Still, for some, the new, more diverse icons are big news.

November? Just in time for the holidays.

Finally. But seriously, fixing the lack of diversity in Apple’s emoji — a task easily handed off to an intern to keep him busy for a day or two — was long overdue. If he were allowed to have an iPhone, Vice President Biden could now make a more realistic Somali cab driver or Indian convenience store owner. Enough chat, though; let’s see ’em.

Besides the yellow, how does it look?

Sorry, gingers —Apple finally added some diversity to its emoji but again forgot that redheads exist. The rest of the world, though, should get ready to celebrate when iOS 8.3 is released later this year.