Congratulations to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes for making it one step closer to earning his Real Journalist badge. Hayes acknowledged on air Friday night that MSNBC included a photo of extensive vandalism to a kebab shop in France in its coverage of the blast near the Colorado Springs office of the NAACP. Just an honest mistake, OK?

Fanning the flames is the last thing needed now, considering Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said the “bombing” undermined “years of progress,” while the owner of a salon in the structure said the blast only “knocked down a few plastic bottles on a shelf in the northeast corner of the building.”

Speaking of fanning the flames, the reasonably speedy correction from Hayes is a major step forward from his on-the-scene coverage of the unrest in Ferguson, where his tweet reporting “what appears to be a dead body” lying in the street was retracted half a day and 4,500 retweets later.

Baby steps, Chris.


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