As Twitchy reported Thursday, those desperate to see the alleged bombing of the NAACP’s Colorado Springs office make the evening news gave props to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes for devoting several minutes of “All In” to the incident and challenged other cable news outlets to follow up.

It’s unfortunate they didn’t, or they very might well have discovered what Twitchy exposed today: MSNBC’s video showing the extensive damage to the NAACP building included a Reuters photo of a vandalized kebab shop in Villefranche-sur-Saone, France, as published in the Daily Mail.

Here’s the Reuters photo along with the caption:


And here are the stills from MSNBC’s video.


Yes, he’s busted. And now the MSNBC page that used to contain the bogus video looks like this.


No retraction. No correction. No apology.

The video, however, is still up on YouTube. For now:

Chris Hayes and MSNBC satisfied their viewers by showing them what they wanted to see; now might be a good time to show them the truth.


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