Anyone familiar with the word “free” shouldn’t be surprised that, within an hour of President Obama announcing on Twitter and Facebook that he’d like to offer two free years of community college to everybody willing to work hard for it, #FreeCommunityCollege was the No. 1 trending topic in the United States. Hey everyone, free college!

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The Twitter graphic that accompanied the breaking news didn’t offer too much information on the proposed program, but if you take the two numbers that were given and multiply them, it gives some ballpark idea of the cost.

Cost to the taxpayer wasn’t the first thing on the minds of those commenting on the video announcement on Facebook. “Tears came to my eyes after watching this… this President is incredible,” wrote one commenter. “BEST PRESIDENT EVER BASED ON THIS ALONE! ! FULL SUPPORT! EDUCATION NOT JAIL NOT WARS! !” wrote another.

While many were hoping for a more detailed proposal, the more cynical realize that just by floating the offer without providing any detail, the president can take credit for “wanting” it to happen.



Now how much would you pay? Obama unveils free community college proposal via Vine infomercial