As Twitchy reported earlier today, North Korea has at last released Christian missionary Kenneth Bae, held in North Korea since November 2012, as well as Matthew Miller, who was sentenced in September to six years of hard labor.

In case you were wondering if Dennis Rodman’s much-ridiculed trips to North Korea to hang with best bro and basketball fan Kim Jong Un had anything to do with Bae’s release, Rodman has tweeted a link to TMZ that offers “proof” that his input was essential to Bae being freed.

Rodman tells TMZ … he sent a letter to the dictator back in January after returning home from the DPRK … pleading with Un to let Bae return home so the Worm could go back to North Korea without getting bashed.

In the letter, Dennis states, “I understand the crimes [Bae] committed, and ask you my dear friend, the highly respected Marshall Kim Jong Un for his release to show my country how loving and compassionate you and the DPRK can be.”

Dennis says he never heard back after sending the letter … but the North Korean government released a video showing Bae was alive days later — and Dennis doesn’t think it was a coincidence.

It’s a strange story all the way around. In May of last year, Rodman tweeted that he was calling on “Kim” to do him a solid.

In January, though, Rodman blew up at CNN host Chris Cuomo who asked if he couldn’t do something to get his good friend Kim Jong Un to free Kenneth Bae.

Regardless, Rodman’s followers were happy to credit him with Bae’s release.


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