Attorney Aaron Worthing on Tuesday decided to take up Sally Kohn on her (short-lived) request for an education on the Constitution.

That thread is well worth reading in full, in particular for Worthing’s extensive, polite and patient response to Kohn’s question, but it wasn’t what she wanted to hear.

Lawyer and Cosmopolitan senior political writer Jill Filipovic didn’t want Kohn to be horribly sad and dismissed Worthing as just a right-wing dude who “earned” his J.D. on Twitter.

After reading this morning that, for their part in the get-out-the-vote effort, the feminists at Cosmopolitan had settled on a “party bus” staffed with topless male models, it was apparent that the Cosmo staff is incapable of feeling shame or embarrassment. So we can’t imagine that Filipovic will regret that tweet in the slightest — never mind Worthing’s qualifications. Yale, University of Twitter, whatever. He’s a right-wing dude, and that’s what matters.