Former Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist cruised to an easy victory over Nan Rich in today’s Democratic gubernatorial primary, capturing around 74 percent of the vote. Crist didn’t, however, recapture the hearts of Republicans who watched him defect in 2012.

Wilson writes at Ricochet:

In essence, it isn’t about Crist the candidate. It’s about the Democratic Party. It’s a window into the deep, desperate soul of a state party looking for a foothold back into power. They know Crist is lying to them, and they love it. They know he’s playing them for patsies, and they’re lined up around the block to kiss his manorexic backside.

You’ve never seen such abject fawning for a man they know is a pathological liar and weapons-grade weirdo. It’s not masochism; to Democrats it looks like cold, objective calculation. Don’t ever mistake them for a party that isn’t willing to make sweeping compromises to win. Crist speaks directly to the id of Florida’s Democratic voters: “Screw my record, character, or history, you wanna win don’t you?”

Not a surprising confession: