Gawker calls her a “hateful fascist” and “a terrible person a little more terrible than most.” She works for mega-corporation Google. Oh, and she used to be an Occupy Wall Street organizer. So it’s no wonder that Justine Tunney’s recent tweets are causing a commotion among progressives and those nostalgic for the tent cities of Zuccotti Park. Gawker writes:

It’s now difficult to tell if Justine Tunney is a real person or not. Reading her Twitter and blog, she seems like some sort robot intelligence, an artificial entity designed to offend and disgust. No person can be this awful, right? Is it an act? A long-con of hardcore trolling? At a time when anti-tech resentment is at a high, can someone possibly be this brazen?

So what has Tunney’s former OWS acolytes so upset and confounded? Tweets like these.