No, it’s not rape videos, it’s grape videos.

Once you’ve visited and clicked on a video, you’ll understand the need for the disclaimer, “No federal dollars were spent in the making of these videos.” After seeing the IRS’ Star Trek training video, it’s hard to tell just what the federal government will pay for.

Fruved, you see, is a mash-up of the words “fruit” and “vegetables.” Students at the University of Tennessee created the Fruved campaign to promote healthy eating and physical activity. Part of that campaign was the creation of student-made videos like this one.

Nick Gillespie gives an overview of the campaign at

The USDA has given $5 million in your tax dollars to a University of Tennessee campaign that tells kids to “Get Fruved.” Part of that grant is on display above in a 30-second that implores an unsuspecting college student (who I really hope is calling out a campus SWAT team) to “get fruved – grape style!” Where are ultra-restrictive campus speech zones when you need them?

We’ll let Iowahawk explain the rest.

Are the videos really that bad?