A change to Twitter’s “block” function is creating a lot of chatter today. Of concern is that Twitter’s Block button now acts more like a “mute” button. Mashable explains:

Previously, the service allowed you to block any troublesome follower, denying them access to your tweets. Now, in an about-face, the process of blocking simply mutes the user in question, meaning you can’t see their tweets. But they can retweet you, allowing their followers to contact you in turn.

Twitter’s support page elaborates:

Note: If your account is public, blocking a user does not prevent that user from following you, interacting with your Tweets, or receiving your updates in their timeline. If your Tweets are protected, blocking the user will cause them to unfollow you.

In other words, a user you have blocked can still see and retweet your tweets to his or her followers.

No, you can’t have both — at least not today.


The #RestoreTheBlock hashtag is taking off.



Will Twitter reconsider in the face of this backlash? Or is mute the new block?

* * *


That didn’t take long. Twitter has announced that it will restore the block function.