We’d ask whose idea it was to rope in a band called Death Cab for Cutie to help sell Washington’s health insurance exchange, but we’re still reeling from Colorado’s latest blitz of “ho-surance” ads. Nevertheless, DCFC guitarist Chris Walla has jumped aboard Healthplanfinder’s bus to help spread the message of Obamacare, stopping this afternoon in Seattle and drawing what looked like Sanda Fluke-like crowds.

A Healthplanfinder spokesperson told Seattle Weekly that a musician like Walla will help the exchange reach the market of so-called “young invincibles” — “he’s exactly the kind of influencer we need.” Walla himself is a true believer in Obamacare, telling Seattle Weekly he and his wife have signed up for a bronze-level plan with Community Health Plan of Washington. They also appear in a Washington Healthplanfinder ad: