It was just last month when Americans took to the National Mall for an anti-NSA “Stop Watching Us” march. It was a bipartisan affair, with former Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Republican Rep. Justin Amash both taking the stage to demand an end to the sort of mass surveillance that was exposed under the Edward Snowden scandal.

Someone in Iran must have been watching. Today, the account of Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei suggested that Iran was more than 30 years ahead of the game, even including a graphic of a camera-headed figure that wouldn’t have been at all out of place at the “Stop Watching Us” rally.

In fact, here are a couple of NSA camera-heads who showed up in D.C.

It’s embarrassing that the USA’s spying scandal is fodder for the Iranian regime — not that we have any reservations about spying on Iran. As usual, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu found a way to put things into perspective, even adding a hashtag: #stopthecharmoffensive.