CNN loves a clock, whether it’s ticking away the minutes until the government shutdown, the hours the government has been shut down, or even the minutes until an asteroid flies by. Demonstrating the Obamacare sign-up process live on-air isn’t a new idea; MSNBC tried it the first day the exchanges were open, only for the reporter to give up in frustration.

Sean Hannity and others have tried similar experiments, and now, on Day 24, CNN has three “healthy young people” in “The Situation Room” struggling to sign up. It’s not a scientific experiment, but with the clock now passing a full hour with no luck for any of the three, it’s not exactly compelling television either.

It is stupid … that the White House couldn’t build a working website with more than three years’ notice.

Breaking news: is broken. Where’s @HealthCareTara to clear up this obvious lie?