Buzzfeed’s Dorsey Shaw thought this video was “awesome” enough to share with his followers.

It links to a piece at “Animal New York” (yeah, we hadn’t either) blowing the lid off the Tea Party’s #FixUpDC event this weekend. The writer accuses the Tea Party of “heroically” picking up an already clean lawn while “yammering about ‘equal justice’ and ‘freedom.'”

Who is this intrepid on-the-scene reporter? Aaron Black of Occupy Wall Street, that’s who. And the Occupy people know a thing or two about what a trashed public space looks like. And he has a point: there isn’t a rape tent or feces-covered police car anywhere to be found.

What does Black want, exactly? In the video he makes it clear he wants the shutdown ended and all those furloughed federal workers back on the job, maintaining the grounds and getting paid to clean up trash that apparently isn’t there. Maybe it’s time for an Occupy rally on the Mall to make those park personnel essential again. Here are some of the jobs Occupy created at New York’s Zuccotti Park:



#FixUpDC: Patriots grab trash bags, join Glenn Beck and Mike Lee to clean up National Mall [pics]