With Fox News’ Megyn Kelly looking ready to claim ownership of cable TV’s coveted 9 p.m. time slot, it’s appearing more and more likely that CNN’s Piers Morgan will be leaving the slot to make room for “Nightline’s” Bill Weir. As Mediaite notes, the British host has “become associated with his anti-gun fights as of late,” but as America’s attention turns to other issues, could Morgan stake out some new territory?

It doesn’t seem likely. The one-year anniversary of the Newtown massacre is only a couple of months away, and Morgan is ready for America to get mad again at those “heartless gun nut bastards” who want to preserve their Second Amendment rights.

As long as we’re talking guns again, now can we get that sure-to-be-epic on-air gun rights debate between Musket Morgan and National Review’s Charles Cooke, himself a U.K. import? Cooke’s ready to talk guns too.

Go ahead, guess.

In the meantime, Morgan vows to keep fighting on behalf of the families of victims of gun violence, or at least some guy he met in the park.

Yeah, you heartless American gun-nut bastards, why so offended?