If he’s going to be part of the Obama administration, Secretary of State John Kerry might as well act like it. The president hasn’t been shy about summoning liberal columnists, talking heads and bloggers to the White House when he’s needed help selling his agenda to the public, and Kerry looks set to do a little media outreach of his own. CNN is reporting that Kerry will be trying to sell liberal bloggers on military intervention in Syria. Hey, Rep. Nancy “Mimi” Pelosi managed to convince her 5-year-old grandson that airstrikes on Syria were a good thing, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get the blogs on board.

Yeah, that’s about it. Don’t forget that Kerry, as a former war protester himself, can totally understand where Code Pink is coming from, but he has guaranteed things are different this time.



Tonight, Kerry will give the liberal media a test run by appearing on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes.” If that goes well, he might try a show with actual viewers.