This week in the culture wars might have kicked off with MTV dropping the dirty bomb known as the VMAs, but today the action was at the Defending the American Dream Summit in Orlando, Fla. Mediaite may have been amused that any conservative would pay attention to pop culture, but in his presentation this afternoon at #Dream13, blogger and filmmaker Bill Whittle encouraged conservatives to engage with the culture, in spite of the fact that it seems like an uphill battle.


Whittle also had some inspirational “Star Wars”-themed branding advice.

At the recent Bridging the Gap Summit, Dana Loesch declared that “if you can’t sell liberty, you suck.” As a director and screenwriter, Whittle knows how to tell a compelling story, and he broke down his sales pitch for conservative values into three simple components.

What words can we use?

A treasure? Click over to PJTV to see for yourself.