The Rev. Al Sharpton is a bit of a history buff, and he’s been known to give impromptu lectures on “them Greek homos” and their appropriation of philosophy and mathematics from Africa. His area of expertise, though, is the American civil rights movement, and today he reminded an audience of thousands that Rosa Parks was not a “ho,” nor was voting rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer a “bitch.”

Al Sharpton at the mic? You’ll cry, you’ll laugh. But mostly, you’ll laugh.

We understand what Sharpton was getting at (not always the easiest feat), but did anyone out there really think Rosa Parks was a ho? Then again, Russell Simmons thought that posting a “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape” was a good idea and branded CNN’s Don Lemon a “slave” after he urged young black men to “use appropriate language.” Sharpton’s speech about bitches and hos doesn’t seem to have the resonance of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream,” but maybe we’ll change our minds once we see it etched into granite.

Sharpton’s an equal opportunity offender, and at least one person thought it was low of Sharpton to take a cheap shot at a woman’s career choice.