The public hadn’t given much thought to the next actor to play Batman on the big screen, but when Ben Affleck was named last night in a surprise announcement, casting for the “Man of Steel” sequel escalated to the level of a national crisis. The #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck hashtag is still trending nearly 24 hours later, but all jokes aside, it seems pretty likely that Affleck would make a better Batman than Val Kilmer, who starred in 1995’s “Batman Forever.”

Affleck might have Kilmer’s blessing, but he has something even more valuable: practical tips from ’60s Batman Adam West.

At least one Catwoman can’t wait to see Affleck in the cape and cowl.

Twitchy favorite Adam Baldwin was the obvious first choice to take on the role, but he knows a case of #AffleckDerangementSyndrome when he sees it.

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