“Elysium” is currently the No. 1 movie in America, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a hit. The Matt Damon film grossed a marginally OK $30 million in its first weekend, but it has a long way to go to earn back its estimated $115 million production budget and please the capitalist masters who funded it. Add several million more for the marketing budget, although Media Matters is doing what it can to drum up publicity for the film, which it says “forces the right to confront the world their ideology creates.” Sony should slap that on a poster and see how many tickets it sells.

If you haven’t heard, “Elysium” features Damon trying to escape a future earth that looks a lot like Detroit for an orbiting paradise called Elysium, where rich Hollywood types live in luxury like they do here on earth.

Speaking of Detroit, outlets like Media Matters are again trying to suggest that conservative policies are responsible for the downfall of cities where Democratic leadership has been entrenched for decades. “The right’s real objection to ‘Elyisum,'” says Media Matters, “is that the very nature of the economic disparity at the heart of the story illustrates a world suffering the consequences of the policies conservatives advocate.” So, now how much would you pay not to see “Elysium”?




Fortunately, the fun of not watching “Elysium” doesn’t end when it leaves theaters.