We’re not sure why MSNBC host Touré waited so long to clear this up, and why he chose Martin Bashir’s ratings-challenged show to break news of this magnitude. The New York Times threw everyone a curve ball by introducing George Zimmerman to its readers as a “white Hispanic,” but as Touré notes, Zimmerman isn’t Hispanic at all — he’s Peruvian-American.

That doesn’t agree at all with the conclusion of Touré’s friends at Salon, who declared in a lengthy post-acquittal analysis that Zimmerman is both white and Hispanic, albeit with the disclaimer that “both are social constructions.” Maybe that’s how it’s possible for Zimmerman’s “all-white jury” to include a Puerto Rican woman. Only Ace of Spades can clear this up for us, thanks to his extensive knowledge of Peruvia and its customs.

The whole trial is beginning to make sense now.

Fact check: true.

We’re sure to be hearing a lot more about Peruvia’s legacy of white supremacy as the rest of the media picks up the ball next week and settles the matter of Zimmerman’s race once and for all. Until then, we thank Ace for cracking open the guidebook on the wonderful and misunderstood nation.

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