Florida might be the centerpiece of the Left’s effort to foment racial division in the United States, but Texas isn’t getting off easy. Attorney General Eric Holder this week singled out Texas for legal action to essentially reverse the Supreme Court’s striking down of parts of the Voting Rights Act, prompting “The Five” host Bob Beckel to suggest that Texas elections are routinely rigged by racist sheriffs.

Even a seemingly innocent movie review is fair game for trolling. When Texas Sen. John Cornyn tweeted tonight that the Jackie Robinson biopic “42” was a reminder of just how far the nation had progressed since the 1940s, Priorities USA co-founder Bill Burton made one giant leap.

The word “BS” from a sitting senator is shocking? Are you aware of the existence of a vice president named Joe Biden who says … things?

Efforts by the New Black Panthers to intimidate voters in Philadelphia should have been prosecuted a long time ago as well, but Holder has proved to be selective about whom he singles out for prosecution.

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