The watchdogs policing the GOP’s “war on women” seem to have taken a “leading from behind” approach to calling for the resignation of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, a Democrat. Filner announced today that he wouldn’t be resigning, despite sexual harassment accusations from seven women and the (eventual) loss of support of the San Diego Democratic Party’s central committee.

So many Democrat sex scandals, so little time to weigh in on all of them.

Correction, 11:31 p.m. ET:

The original version of this post incorrectly implied that Fluke hadn’t weighed in on this matter until tonight. Shortly after our post appeared, Fluke set the record straight:

We thank Fluke for alerting us to our error and we apologize to her and to our readers for not noticing her earlier tweet. We have modified this post’s headline accordingly. We also removed several factually-inaccurate tweets that were included in our original post.

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