It’s a day of the week ending in “-day” so of course it’s time for another unintelligble Twitter rant by singer/actress Cher. The reason for her all-caps meltdown: The Great Texas Tampon Roundup of 2013. Yes, Department of Public Safety officers did confiscate tampons — and, judging from photos from the scene, condoms, cereal bars, water bottles and other possible projectiles  — from people entering the state Capitol yesterday to protest new legislation regulating abortion clinics.

The DPS confirmed to the Houston Chronicle that officers also discovered and disposed of “one jar suspected to contain urine, 18 jars suspected to contain feces and three bottles suspected to contain paint.” Are you allowed to carry those into a Cher concert?

And why, again, did Texas authorities temporarily ban tampons from the state Capitol?

On Planet Cher, trying to prevent pro-abortion activists from throwing used tampons at pro-life lawmakers is tantamount to enslaving women.


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