Matt Yglesias covers economics for Slate, but as he himself admitted, he doesn’t do much reporting, per se.

Yglesias certainly didn’t have much to say about today’s hush-hush meeting at the White House, which, to his amusement, made the banner of the Drudge Report this summer’s eve, LOL.

The thing is, the secret meeting with liberal journalists and bloggers is becoming business as usual at the White House, particularly when the president finds himself saddled with a hard sell like gun control or Obamacare.

LOL, no. We haven’t been counting on Yglesias’ reporting so far, and after his petty dismissal of a Daily Caller reporter and the tweeting of his cell phone number earlier today, we’ll get our White House talking points elsewhere. In the meantime, we invite you to enjoy Ace of Spades’ epic takedown of Yglesias and the “lulz” school of journalism that has found such favor with the occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

What’s increasingly disconcerting about these little progressive get-togethers at the White House is how willing those who attend are to keep quiet about who was there and what was discussed. Yglesias wasn’t about to give any details to a “reporter” from the Daily Caller because, Daily Caller, LOL. But seriously, who was there? Will that be in Monday’s report? Or is “some officials and some reporters” got together good enough for the public?

Discourse wasn’t always like this, was it?

We’ll said. Now let’s settle down and prepare for a full accounting of today’s meeting first thing Monday morning.