Alec Baldwin has already deleted his Twitter account three times, so it’s no surprise that @ABFalecbaldwin, which was pulled suddenly Thursday night following Baldwin’s unhinged rant against a “toxic little queen” who writes for the Daily Mail, quietly reappeared today. It seems to have lost weight, though. The threats against reporter George Stark have gone missing, but so have several other posts.

How far back will Baldwin go to hit the reset button? His most recent tweet dates back to April 11. What was on his mind in April? Gun control, for one thing, as well as the awesome, awesome work he’s been able to accomplish in partnership with Capital One. Together, Baldwin and Capital One have helped libraries, classical repertoire and theatre — the kinds of things that toxic little queens really enjoy the most.


But that was then, and this is now: about 10 minutes later, that is, and the wayback machine is passing by April 5 as history is being unwritten.


Even fellow anger-management candidate Chris Brown had the sense to clear the whole timeline at once. The account weighed in at a hefty 11,900 posts Thursday, and Baldwin has about 10,000 tweets to go. Capital One, would you consider giving him some time off?