Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren isn’t mincing words when it comes to the Justice Department’s investigation of colleague James Rosen, which now extends to Rosen’s movements, his personal email account and even his parents‘ phone records. In a no-nonsense blog post today, Van Susteren called the Obama administration’s ongoing harassment of Fox News “punishment” for covering the president’s scandals.

As an aside…remember when Benghazi broke and the State Department had that media wide conference call and “forgot” to include Fox News?  And then about a week later the CIA gave the media a briefing on Benghazi and guess which news organization was NOT invited.  You guessed right, Fox News Channel.  The Obama Administration “punished” us for our aggressive reporting on Benghazi by not inviting to the briefings that every other news organization got invited to.  So now read below… more punishment?

It’s worth revisiting the account of that conference call, held last October. The State Department later “apologized” for leaving Fox News off of the call, and Fox News’ Brit Hume at the time suggested a “strong scent of cover-up.”