As Twitchy reported yesterday, Obama’s rebooted campaign machine Organizing for Action promised it would deliver 1.4 million signatures to Congress today in its renewed push for Gun Control 2.0. With OFA tweeting earlier this month that up to 92 percent of Americans support expanded background checks, 1.4 million doesn’t seem quite as impressive as it might have otherwise. Compound that with the knowledge that the “signatures” consist of as little as an email address and ZIP code entered at, and it’s not so far fetched that Nancy Pelosi would tweet a photo of a single sheet of paper — maybe it’s an IOU for more signatures.

Regardless, Sen. Harry Reid insisted that the fight for an expansion of gun control is not over. The president promised the same during his Rose Garden tantrum April 17, but he’s since turned his laser focus to other things, leaving the lobbying group that tweets under his name to do the heavy lifting. Is OFA up to the task?