Republicans are eagerly pointing the way to the exit for GOP Rep. Don Young, who “meant no disrespect” when referring to his father’s ranch hands as “wetbacks.” You can expect to hear Young’s name come up any time the GOP mentions Hispanic outreach efforts, but will Democrat Rep. Bruce Braley prove to be an albatross for the ever-so-sensitive Left? Politwoops captured his tweet before it disappeared.


Braley raised more than a few eyebrows yesterday by referring to the Iowa State Cyclones’ loss to Ohio State as the Trail of Tears, the government’s forced relocation which killed tens of thousands of Native Americans. Braley deleted the tweet after facing a backlash from followers. He also apologized to anyone who was offended — a move which handily makes any scandal go away if there’s a (D) after your name.

No word yet from Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz if she’s equally #Disappointed with her Democratic colleague, but we’ll check back.