As Twitchy noted earlier, actor and preeminent funny face artiste Jim Carrey decided to take his anti-gun Twitter campaign to the next level, not by bolstering his argument with facts but by shifting into #CarreyCapsLock mode to get through to the “haters” and “intolerent goons” who hear only what they want to hear. Here’s tonight’s example:

Fortunately for us, one of those hateful goons is Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, who has challenged “simpering tool” Carrey to appear on “The Five” to debate his crotch-focused stand on gun control. Perhaps in an attempt to see things from Carrey’s perspective, Gutfeld has been practicing throttling down his own thoughts into #CarreyCapsLock mode, with hilarious results.

It’s true; it’s not an authentic Jim Carrey tweet without the emoticon. Here’s Carrey being sad because of the intolerant goons clinging to their Second Amendment rights: :^(