Just days after his “excellent” meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on America’s important relationship with Mexico, Sen. John McCain is happy to report another “excellent” meeting, this time with President Obama.

“We had an excellent meeting with the President and the Vice President this afternoon during which we discussed a variety of issues, including our effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation this year,” McCain wrote. “We were pleased to hear the President state his firm commitment that he will do whatever is necessary to accomplish this important goal.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham was there too and called it one of the best meetings he’s ever had with Obama.


Earlier, McCain had a “great” sit-down with Sen. Jeff Flake and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who noted she’s appalled by reports that the DHS has released hundreds of illegal aliens in the face of sequestration cuts.

“This is pure political posturing and the height of absurdity given that the releases are being granted before the federal ‘sequestration’ cuts have even gone into effect,” Brewer wrote in a press release. “This represents a return to exactly the kind of catch-and-release procedures that have long made a mockery of our country’s immigration system.”

McCain’s take was quite a bit more reserved.

It might have been a great meeting with Gov. Brewer, but it looks like McCain will have to look elsewhere for a partner to do the Shamnesty Shake, and he’s likely found that partner in the White House.

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