As Twitchy has reported, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is trying to do the heavy lifting of pinning on the House GOP the looming sequestration spending cuts and any pain they bring, despite the fact that the sequester was President Obama’s idea. NPR did its best to help Carney with his cause, and today Carney got an assist from Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) and Buzzfeed.

Amash also called the GOP’s #Obamaquester hashtag “kind of 2008.”

When even PolitiFact has to admit that the sequester was Obama’s idea, it doesn’t make much sense to argue. Fox News’ Bret Baier pinned down Carney on the air the other night and wasn’t going to let his tweets go unchallenged.

Whether the #Obamaquester hashtag is “kind of 2008” or not, #SpendingIsTheProblem is as timeless as it gets. How’s the budget coming, Mr. President?

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