If that photo-gone-viral of a J.C. Penney shopper casually strapped with an AR-15 demonstrates anything, it’s that there really are two Americas when it comes to citizens’ comfort level with firearms. In the ongoing “national conversation” on guns, it always seems to come down to the “gun nuts” versus the, um, “non-gun tribe” (not our term; it’s really time to settle on a name). On the eve of the first-ever Gun Appreciation Day, Breitbart contributor and most #caring man on Twitter Kurt Schlichter and Talking Points Memo publisher Josh Marshall (and some willing bystanders) had the debate on guns we didn’t make the time to have before Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Obama weighed in our evolving right to bear arms.

Bonus: Piers Morgan didn’t butt in.

Speaking of gun appreciation, it all kicked off with Marshall’s piece on TPM, called “Speaking for My Tribe,” in which he introduces himself as a “non-gun person.” Pop some popcorn and follow along.

Is there any common ground to be found here, between Schlichter and the man who wrote a lengthy, introspective piece about “gun versus non-gun tribalism or mentality”? Or, put another way, between the man who won’t own a gun and says he pays taxes to support a trained Army, and the man who carried a gun as a lieutenant colonel in that very Army? We’re guessing no. Let’s cut to the closing arguments.

So, if it comes down to dueling fantasies, where one side carries guns to fight off the collapse of society and the other side thinks that collapse is the stuff of movies only, who’s right?

No, but they still have the right … so far.