That video of union thugs in Michigan tearing down the Americans for Prosperity tent and punching Fox News contributor Steven Crowder repeatedly? You didn’t see that. OK, everyone’s seen it by now, so what are union supporters supposed to do? Claim the whole thing was a setup, obviously.

For their part, the Teamsters tweeted their concerns of “right-wing provocateurs” ruining their peaceful protest.

Of course they’ve seen the “heavily edited” video. The Teamsters, however, have linked to a blog post explaining the whole incident. Witnesses on the ground confirm that the AFP people loosened the ropes on their own tent. And those union people rushing the tent? They were pushing and shoving to help people out from under it. They even have a witness! Here’s Tom Duckworth.

And Crowder? He was, um, punching himself. No? Well, then he was provoking the peaceful protesters to the point where they had to start swinging fists. Daily Kos links to the same video.

As the Daily Kos concludes, “Clearly AFP came to this rally to incite an altercation that could be shown on endless loop on Fox to show that union members are, indeed, ‘union thugs’. Not surprisingly, Fox News cameramen where [sic] right there on the spot to capture it all on film.” How to counter AFP’s fake video? Duckworth also spoke to the official blogger for the Ed Schultz show so MSNBC could pass along the truth.

Conflicting reports! Which are you going to believe? The obviously fake and heavily edited video shot on the scene? Or this eyewitness who sat down with ProgressMichigan?

Will Chris Matthews step in and do the job his MSNBC cohort won’t do? Of course not. Matthews is most concerned with who paid for the AFP tent. Oh, and racism.

It seems those clever right-wing provocateurs had the foresight to catch the assault from multiple angles. Here’s video from inside the AFP tent as it was being torn down. Those Americans for Prosperity really went out of their way to make the union protesters look bad.