How many would have heard sports writer Jason Whitlock’s views on guns and “gun culture” had Bob Costas not read them aloud as part of his halftime hijack of Sunday Night Football last weekend? Whitlock seized the opportunity to appear with Roland Martin and claim further that “the NRA is the new KKK,” but he passed at a turn at Bill O’Reilly’s megaphone. Whitlock put his refusal to appear on “The O’Reilly Factor” into words last Friday, and O’Reilly kicked off his show tonight Costas-style by quoting Whitlock’s follow-up column.

Kurtz didn’t tweet Whitlock’s comments, but here’s a sample.

I’m a grown-ass man and it’s 2012. I don’t have to shuffle off to the Big House when summoned. O’Reilly is not Boehner, Pelosi or Obama. He’s a TV entertainer who has spent the weeks after the election crying about the end of “white establishment” America, the end of the days when an upstanding white man felt entitled to summon whomever he wanted whenever he wanted to the Big House to dance.

I don’t dance.

Whitlock’s refusal to “dance” for O’Reilly in the big house left quite a few viewers unimpressed.

Whitlock also won admirers for turning down an appearance.

In his post, Whitlock said that he’d be sticking to his sports column for now, as TV news appearances don’t allow him sufficient room to make his points. “You typically sacrifice two hours of time for an eight-minute segment that accomplishes very little,” he wrote. “It’s not the deep end of the pool. There’s no room for someone like me to splash around.” Back to the kiddie pool to make waves, then?

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