Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who distinguished himself throughout the presidential campaign by claiming some guy told him Mitt Romney might not have paid his taxes, keeps calling on Democrats and Republicans to “turn away from divisions of the past” and cooperate. Next year, maybe? For now, Reid is keeping partisanship open for business, especially when it comes to Benghazi.

Sen. John McCain has called for the formation of a Senate select committee to investigate the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Libya which killed four Americans, and Reid today sent McCain a long letter with a very blunt message: “I refuse to allow the Senate to be used as a venue for baseless partisan attacks.” Well, then. We thought the attacks in question had taken place in Benghazi, but Reid is more concerned with providing cover for Democrats in Washington. Besides, what’s the point? Reid wrote further, “The elections are over; it is time to put aside the partisan politicization of national security.”

As the CIA and Pentagon finally release their official timelines of Sept. 11 and Gen. David Petraeus and others testify, it is looking more and more like there has been a constant stream of falsehoods, but not from the GOP.

One point of progress: in his letter, Reid seems to have acknowledged that Amb. Susan Rice’s “blame the video” carpet bombing of television news programs was part of that stream of “Republican” falsehoods.