The Daily Mail’s Tony Harnden is reporting today that internal polling from the Mitt Romney campaign shows the GOP candidate with narrow leads in Ohio, New Hampshire and Iowa. The numbers also show the two candidates dead even in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

According to last night’s numbers as collected by campaign pollster Neil Newhouse, Romney leads by 1 point in Ohio, 3 in New Hampshire and 2 in Iowa. Both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are said to be dead even.

As Twitchy reported earlier, Romney will be campaigning in Pittsburgh, Pa. and Cleveland, Ohio on Election Day.

Unicorns? Please try to keep up, Media Matters. We’re discussing poll numbers, not Obama campaign promises.

Doubters believe the “leak” of internal numbers is a ploy to rev up the GOP base.

Yes, we’ve seen those public polls, like CNN’s poll released yesterday with a ridiculous D+11 sample.