Citizen Journalist is reporting that Occupy Wall Street members targeted Fox News’ Bret Baier for harassment after he read a selection of Sandy-related tweets on air. Twitchy compiled the tweets, which characterize the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy as a retreat of capitalism: “No subways. No electricity. No chains.”

Baier featured the tweets on his “Special Report” program, observing that “one group seems happy about the damage.” (Video of the segment is available here.) Those few words were enough for Baier to become “the focus of an #Anonymous operation to ruin his life.”

This threat to ruin Baier’s life, of course, came from the same people who urged people to use the retreat of capitalism provided by Sandy to meet their neighbors and share a meal.

No, it wasn’t a threat. It was just a suggestion to “go after him” for lying; i.e., reading the tweet.

Baier’s birth date, phone number and email address were posted online along with the Anonymous tagline, WE ARE ANONYMOUS, WE ARE LEGION, WE DO NOT FORGIVE, WE DO NOT FORGET, EXPECT US MOFOS. Not very neighborly of them now, was it?

(Hat tip: Citizen Journalist)