It’s an incendiary tweet to be sure, but perhaps the most shocking thing about the claim from the Romney campaign’s former foreign policy aide, is the suggestion that the White House even thought it had to ask for cover. Mainstream media outlets were happy to run with the administration’s story that the assault which killed the United States’ ambassador to Libya and three others was the result of a spontaneous protest against a YouTube video.

A report from the U.K. Independent on Sept. 13, though, suggested that the U.S. did indeed have advance notice of the attack, a story supported by Libya’s president himself even as Ambassador Susan Rice made the rounds on television to push the “spontaneous mob” narrative as evidence mounted.

More than two weeks after the attack, media outlets are still attempting to wring some truth from the administration, as the president at last admitted (on “The View” of all places) that the attack “wasn’t just a mob action.” With #Benghazigate a trending topic of Twitter, it’s obvious the public isn’t satisfied with the crumbs offered on “The View.”

Will we hear the word “Benghazigate” at the debates? Unlikely, unless it comes from the candidate himself.

Update: While no one expected reporters to raise their hands, Grenell has seen some feedback from his tweet.