So, when talking “optics,” what’s worse — a partially filled stadium, or an empty stadium that you just know would have been full if only the weather had cooperated?

Lis Smith, Obama for America’s director of rapid response, called out Mitt Romney for speaking Friday to a “partially filled stadium” while President Obama drew a huge crowd in New Hampshire.

After Obama’s DNC acceptance speech was moved indoors from Bank of America stadium, a photo of an empty stadium would certainly be a prize to hang on Romney. The source for the “partially filled” and “empty” claims? A photo tweeted by Romney press secretary Rick Gorka and retweeted by an Obama press secretary — taken from behind the stage at Holman Stadium in Nashua, N.H.

So, what was going on in front of the stage at this empty stadium?

OK, so it’s not empty. Local reporters described the stadium as “just about full.” Those lying liars at the Romney campaign had another trick up their sleeves, though. Justin Hart, director of special projects for the Romney campaign, tried to pass off a spelling of “MITT” in the stands as a spontaneous event.

Fact check! A quick investigation by the Obama campaign team unveiled the shocking truth: organizers of the event had planned the cards in advance.

Where will the lies end?

Indeed, an “empty” stadium full of people is a strange thing to lie about.