Yesterday saw actor Simon Pegg reignite the argument over whether Batman, as portrayed in “The Dark Knight Rises,” is a conservative. Today an entirely different argument erupted, this time over the “sexiness” of cosplay (or costume play).

While William Shatner spent much of Comic-Con trolling Carrie Fisher by posting photos of men cosplaying as Princess Leia, Pegg this morning tweeted a photo of a gallery of “Slave Leias” from “The Return of the Jedi.”

Perhaps it was the Homer Simpson doughnut noises which pushed at least one follower to call Pegg “an unenlightened jerk” and another “gross.”

Pegg dismissed the complaint as “boring” and fired back.

Pegg took the issue to his other followers.

Just how much trouble has that metal bikini caused over the last three decades? To his credit, Pegg called the debate “interesting” and asked his followers to play nicely.