It was a big week for birthdays in the music business. Sir Paul McCartney turned 70 on Monday. Beach Boy Brian Wilson, whose Pet Sounds LP allegedly inspired McCartney in the creation of Sgt. Pepper, completed his 70th lap around the sun just two days later. He’s currently on a world tour supporting a new Beach Boys album and told Rolling Stone, “I don’t think I look or act 70. I feel more like I’m in my mid-forties.”

Apparently 40 is the new 70. Neil Diamond, 71, recently told Parade magazine, “I feel like I did when I was between 30 and 40.” He recently married his 42-year-old co-manager, but what’s shocking about that compared to this bombshell?

Carly Rae Jepsen, the Canadian aural terrorist who unleashed the viral earworm “Call Me Maybe” upon American airwaves, is 26. That’s right, she’s that old. Her age hasn’t been a well-kept secret, but nearly a year after the song hit the charts, people are still trying to grasp how someone so mature could be sharing the pop charts with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

If you do decide to call her, maybe you should let the phone ring a few times; those walkers can be tricky on carpet and we don’t want anyone breaking a hip.