White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany seems to have tripped over herself a little when speaking about schools reopening in the fall, and the media is jumping on it.

CNN’s Jim Acosta also pulled that one line out of context.

Admittedly, it was a gaffe, and anyone playing the whole clip knows very well that McEnany was making the point that the science was on the side of schools reopening. McEnany herself called out the Washington Post for pulling that one line from the clip.

It’s very clear what she was saying if you play the whole clip.

That seems fair. She misspoke — let’s just say she pulled a Joe Biden. But then she clarified what she was saying. To be honest, we here at Twitchy see posts about Biden misspeaking, but we check the context if we can to make sure it’s an honest reading of what he was trying to say.

That was directed at Acosta, which is pretty obvious by the word “hack.”

WaPo’s conservative opinion writer Jennifer Rubin tagged the conservative Lincoln Project to make sure they had the clip for a future ad:

This, of course, is the same Jennifer Rubin who tweeted about President Trump that “now he wants to kill your kids,” so we know where she stands on the whole school issue.

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We’d missed CBS News’ Weija Jiang pulling the exact same line out of context: